Literary Birthday - 23 August - Willy Russell

Happy Birthday, Willy Russell, born 23 August 1947

Five Quotes

  1. If I have a day when I haven’t done something new and creative, I feel really uneasy.
  2. I am not interested in talking about road directions, cars or sport for more than five minutes. It’s why I cannot abide being in all-male company. I want to talk about things that matter.
  3. I don’t have anything like the ambition I once had. Having enjoyed so much success, I now feel able to explore and experiment with all sorts of other creative things
  4. When I stumbled into writing drama, I knew I understood it: where it was strong, where it wasn’t.
  5. I still think back to the stunning kind of warmth, peace and sensuality of being on the rug with a book and a bag of sweets. It was as if someone had put a big protective barrier round me and the real world couldn’t get in.

Russell is a British dramatist, lyricist and composer. His best-known works are Educating Rita,  Shirley Valentine,  and Blood Brothers.

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