Literary Birthday - 13 November - William Gibson

William Gibson was born 13 November 1914, and died 25 November 2008

Three Quotes

  1. [The Miracle Worker is] a symbol of everybody’s effort to get out of our own personal dungeons, into contact with the larger world. It’s a story that sort of exemplifies the American dream – in small. Its power is irresistible. And it remains that.
  2. Writers go bad when the angels desert them. Dylan Thomas was a marvellous poet and drank himself to death. Somewhere along the way, the angel left him. An angel has left me too, but the writing angel is still with me. And that’s the thing where I feel most alive — at least while I’m doing it. I started out to be a writer and I’m still a writer. Not bad.
  3. Good things come to those who wait…far too long.

Gibson was an American playwright and novelist. His most famous play isThe Miracle Worker (1959), the story of Helen Keller’s childhood education, which won him the Tony Award for Best Play. 

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