Literary Birthday - 2 February - Santa Montefiore

Happy Birthday, Santa Montefiore, born 2 February 1970

Five Quotes

  1. I look on what I do as an adventure.  Writing is a hobby for me. An indulgence. It is like paying a sweet addict to go into a shop and choose whatever sweets they want! There is work involved, of course. I usually find the middle of the book challenging, when I am holding lots of threads together, but on the whole, it is usually a pleasurable experience.
  2. No-one ever recognises themselves if you’re describing their negative characteristics or being rude about them.
  3. I really write, in the first instance, for myself.  I’m going to be with the book for a year, so I have to take myself somewhere where I really love. I am a huge believer in the energy of a place and how it affects you.
  4. I love London, I love the city and I love living here, but it’s not where I get my inspiration.
  5. Children bring a whole new dimension in love. They have changed the way I write and being a mother gives more authenticity to my characters. I’m able to bring empathy to characters and situations in a way that only a mother can. Children are quirky and inspire brilliant situations and anecdotes. All the children in my books are based on Lilly and Sasha.

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Montefiore is a British author of 13 novels. She is married to Simon Sebag Montefiore, the award-winning author of such historical biographies as Stalin: The Court of The Red Tsar and Young Stalin.

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