Literary Birthday - 29 August - René Depestre

Happy Birthday, René Depestre, born 29 August 1926

Three Quotes

  1. I wear my roots wherever I go.
  2. In my childhood, my brothers and sisters listened to me, especially when we were confined within the walls of the house. I invented stories inspired by the rain, the sea, rivers and trees. I fantasized a lot about the nature of all that struck the imagination of young Haitians. I grew up, so to speak, in a literary mould.
  3. Today it is not a question of affirming black cultures versus others. The colonial or racial question has been replaced by the issue of globalization. If the latter remains strictly financial, we are heading for disaster. 

Depestre is a Haitian poet and former communist activist. He lived in Cuba as an exile from the Duvalier regime for many years and was a founder of the Casa de las Americas publishing house. 

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