Literary Birthday - 24 February - Rainbow Rowell

Happy Birthday, Rainbow Rowell, born 24 February 1973 

Nine Quotes
  1. Sometimes writing is running downhill, your fingers jerking behind you on the keyboard the way your legs do when they can’t quite keep up with gravity.
  2. I feel like some sort of fiction-writing hobo, jumping trains and always hoping I'll find a good place to start a fire in the next town. And I keep having these panicky episodes where I corner my husband and rant at him: 'I don't have anywhere to write! I can't write! I don't have a place to write!'
  3. I wrote all four of my books at Starbucks.
  4. Having a conversation on a landline is more intimate than talking to someone in person. Your voices are so clear and close - you're in each other's heads.
  5. To really be a nerd, she'd decided, you had to prefer fictional worlds to the real one.
  6. There are moments when you can't believe something wonderful is happening. And there are moments when your entire consciousness is filled with knowing absolutely that something wonderful is happening.
  7. I tend to write about my anxieties - it's what I'm afraid will happen. And I write a story working it out.
  8. Happily ever after, or even just together ever after, is not cheesy... It’s the noblest, like, the most courageous thing two people can shoot for.
  9. I know what it’s like to be distracted. To seek out distractions. To exhaust yourself doing every other little thing rather than face a blank page.

Rowell is an American author of young adult and adult contemporary novels.  She is best known for her young adult novels, Eleanor & Park and Fangirl.


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