Literary Birthday - 8 May - Mongane Wally Serote

Happy Birthday, Mongane Wally Serote, born 8 May 1944

Five Quotes

  1. I feel I am too young to write an autobiography.
  2. Writers still have a mission to communicate across barriers – even if apartheid is not the main motivation any longer.
  3. We didn’t even know how very beautiful our country, South Africa, was, because we were stuck in the townships.
  4. We saw writing as something that could inspire, record, express, but also entertain.
  5. At primary school, I had very good teachers that had us tell stories. However, being influenced by European literature at school, I initially wrote a poem about snow and presented it to one of the teachers. She reprimanded me for writing about things that I have not experienced and advised me rather to write about what I experience and what I observe. (Source)

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Serote is a South African poet and writer.

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