Literary Birthday - 2 May - Martha Grimes

Happy Birthday, Martha Grimes, born 2 May 1931

Six Quotes

  1. Before you hate something you should try to understand it.
  2. I enjoy these characters a lot. I really like thinking about them, watching them, seeing what they’re going to do. I write about these people, and I get really connected to them and I just cannot let them go.
  3. An idyllic childhood is probably illusion.
  4. I do not believe that people are indifferent to the welfare of animals, possibly, the exact opposite is true – people are so affected by stories, pictures, accounts of animal abuse that they simply do not want to know.
  5. We don't know who we are until we see what we can do.
  6. You’re not really a writer unless you’re actually writing. So that’s why I continue to do it: because I want to continue to think of myself as a writer.

Grimes is an American writer of detective fiction. Grimes is best known for her series of novels featuring Richard Jury.

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