Literary Birthday - 27 May - Marijane Meaker

Happy Birthday, Marijane Meaker, born 27 May 1927

Four Quotes

  1. Obstacles are challenges for winners and excuses for losers.
  2. Strangers take a long time to become acquainted, particularly when they are from the same family.
  3. Anyone with any trouble at all eventually found his way to a city library, and the really troubled ones became regulars.
  4. It was like picking up a book and reading the things the main character did and said and his description and thinking vaguely, at first, Why, I’m that way a little. Then more, until the realisation comes like a giant boulder down the hill and crashes into you, pulverising you with the knowledge that this is you, this character.

Meaker is an American novelist and short story writer in several genres. She used different pen names, including Vin Packer, Ann Aldrich, M.E. Kerr, and Mary James.

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