Literary Birthday - 5 June - Margaret Drabble

Happy Birthday, Margaret Drabble, born 5 June 1939

Seven Quotes

  1. You have to be careful what you imagine, because the act of imagining is the act of encouraging yourself to be a certain kind of person.
  2. The choice of name tends to affect the development of the character, even the plot. This may be so in real life also.
  3. When nothing is sure, everything is possible.
  4. I need words and print… I need print like an addict. I could live without it, perhaps. But I hope I never have to try.
  5. There are some writers who wrote too much. There are others who wrote enough. There are yet others who wrote nothing like enough to satisfy their admirers, and Jane Austen is certainly one of these.
  6. I very much wanted to be an actress and in fact I did act for a year, but by then I had my first novel accepted.
  7. My first novel I just wrote, day after day, like a very long letter, with no conscious sense of form or plot at all. In the second, I had a little more sense of shape. In the third, yet more. In the fourth, I tried to write (not very successfully) in the third person; in the fifth, I queried this method of narration and by The Needle’s Eye, I found I could do what I’d always wanted, which was to write a third-person novel with the point of view spread among various characters.

Drabble is an English novelist, biographer and critic. She has published 17 books, including A Summer Bird-CageThe Millstone, and The Witch of Exmoor.

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