Literary Birthday - 28 March - Lauren Weisberger

Happy Birthday, Lauren Weisberger, born 28 March 1977

Five Quotes

  1. So much of my own life inspires what I write. Whether it’s work, family, friends, motherhood, I am a writer who tends to write what she knows. InRevenge Wears Prada, a great deal of my own life finds its way into the book.
  2. As long as I’m able to actually maintain a career where I can write full-time, I’ll be thrilled.
  3. So much of writing is done alone in a room in sweatpants, with only the Internet for company.
  4. Of course I consider myself a Jewish writer - I am one! All of the protagonists in my five books have been Jewish, and I wouldn’t be surprised if all my future main characters were as well.
  5. It’s the hardest thing in the world to dedicate to writing, but if you do that even once a week, after six months or a year you’ll have something substantial.

Weisberger is an American novelist, best known for writing The Devil Wears Prada.

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