Literary Birthday - 7 July - Kathy Reichs

Happy Birthday, Kathy Reichs, born 7 July 1948

Five Quotes

  1. Murder mysteries are puzzles that are fun to resolve.
  2. I’m not writing great literature. I’m writing commercial fiction for people to enjoy the stories and to like the characters.
  3. I’ve never lost my capacity to be shocked.
  4. What gives my books authenticity is that I actually do what it is I’m writing about. I think the fact that I am in the autopsy room, I go to the crime scene and I do work in the lab gives my books this flavour that otherwise they wouldn’t have.
  5. I don’t think I’m driven. I think I’m disciplined. I have a lot on my plate. I have a lot I have to accomplish in any given year. There are days I’d rather sit by the pool, but I go sit by the computer instead.

Reichs is an American crime writer, forensic anthropologist and academic. She has written 21 novels featuring Temperance Brennan. They have been translated into 30 languages. Reichs has been a producer for the TV series Bones, which is based on the books.

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