Literary Birthday - 5 July - Jill Murphy

Happy Birthday, Jill Murphy, born 5 July 1949

Five Quotes

  1. My earliest memory (my mum tells me I was two), is sitting on the kitchen floor surrounded by sheets of drawings.
  2. I could always draw my way out of trouble if we had a tricky history project!
  3. I still feel more comfortable in the company of children, so it’s natural I should write something about things they appreciate.
  4. I wanted to write about girls who were misfits, like I was, with unfashionably long, dark, straggly hair, and a heroine who was as hopeless as I was but for whom it came out all right in the end.
  5. I always speak the dialogue aloud to see if it sounds natural.

Murphy is an English writer and illustrator of children’s books, best known for the Worst Witch novels.

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