Literary Birthday - 15 April - Helene Hanff

Happy Birthday, Helene Hanff, born 15 April 1916, died 9 April 1997

Five Quotes

  1. I do love second-hand books that open to the page some previous owner read oftenest.
  2. I love inscriptions on flyleaves and notes in margins, I like the comradely sense of turning pages someone else turned, and reading passages someone long gone has called my attention to.
  3. If you happen to pass by 84 Charing Cross Road, kiss it for me? I owe it so much.
  4. 84, Charing Cross Road was no best seller, you understand; it didn’t make me rich or famous. It just got me hundreds of letters and phone calls from people I never knew existed; it got me wonderful reviews; it restored a self-confidence and self-esteem I’d lost somewhere along the way, God knows how many years ago. It brought me to England. It changed my life.
  5. History, as they say, is alive and well and living in London.

Hanff was an American writer, best known as the author of 84, Charing Cross Road, which was adapted for stage, television and film.

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