Literary Birthday - 31 July - Faye Kellerman

Happy Birthday, Faye Kellerman, born 31 July 1952

Five Quotes

  1. I write to entertain. And if the reader finds my religion interesting, that’s a bonus. 
  2. Every writer essentially deals with three books – the one that’s being published, the one that is being actively written, and the one that’s being conceived. That’s a lot of mental juggling.
  3. Inspiration is all around, but I must tell you that a lot of my material comes from having a warped imagination. I start thinking about scary things and just run with it.  Inspiration, by the way, is just a small part of it. All the hard work comes from fleshing out your ideas and trying to make each word count.
  4. I really do try to imbue my books with a little bit of style. Crime novels are the perfect vehicle to propel the plot. They usually have beginnings, middles and ends and a tremendous sense of satisfaction. I like seeing justice done. I can’t fix real life but if I choose, I can do it in fiction.
  5. To unwind, I exercise, I read, I watch TV and I love to garden. There is something so utterly gratifying watching things grow. I love roses and I love my herb garden and I have a mini-orchard at the back of my property.

Kellerman is an American author of 26 novels, including 19 New York Times bestselling mysteries featuring the husband-and-wife team of Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus. She is married to author Jonathan Kellerman.

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