Literary Birthday - 8 February - Elizabeth Bishop

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth Bishop, born 8 February 1911, died 6 October 1979

Seven Quotes

  1. The art of losing isn’t hard to master; so many things seem filled with the intent to be lost that their loss is no disaster.
  2. One shouldn’t get too involved with people who can’t possibly understand one.
  3. Why shouldn’t we, so generally addicted to the gigantic, at last have some small works of art, some short poems, short pieces of music … some intimate, low-voiced and delicate things in our mostly huge and roaring, glaring world?
  4. I was made at right angles to the world and I see it so. I can only see it so.
  5. Being a poet is one of the unhealthier jobs—no regular hours, so many temptations!
  6. If after I read a poem the world looks like that poem for 24 hours or so I’m sure it’s a good one—and the same goes for paintings.
  7. Hoping to live days of greater happiness, I forget that days of less happiness are passing by.

Bishop was an American poet and short-story writer. She was the Poet Laureate of the United States from 1949 to 1950, a Pulitzer Prize winner for Poetry, and a National Book Award winner.

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