Literary Birthday - 29 June - Charlotte Bingham

Happy Birthday, Charlotte Bingham, born 29 June 1942

Three Quotes

  1. My study is above the kitchen at the far end of the house overlooking the garden. I write six days a week: I like to be at my desk by 9am every morning and will write till around 1.30. Then I may go back to do some reading, researching or re-writing till around 4.30.
  2. Some people are very unfulfilled. In consequence they write passionately good romance because they believe that they could still find happiness. Emily Bronte was not a fulfilled woman but the passion she felt went into Wuthering Heights.
  3. You can’t write any form of fiction unless you enjoy reading it. You must be sincere in your approach. It’s no good despising the form. So many people think they could earn some money from writing something for which they have no affection. It won’t work. The first thing you have to have is belief.

Bingham is an English novelist who has written over 30 historical romance novels. She has also written many television programmes including Upstairs, Downstairs

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