Literary Birthday - 4 November - Charles Frazier

Happy Birthday, Charles Frazier, born 4 November 1950

Five Quotes

  1. Writing doesn’t come real easy to me. I couldn’t write a novel in a year. It wouldn’t be readable. I don’t let an editor even look at it until the second year, because it would just scare them. I just have to trust that all these scraps and dead-ends will find a way.
  2. When I’m really working, it’s seven days a week. I like the discipline of writing every day to keep that forward movement going.
  3. It always helps me connect with characters, to think about what music they respond to.
  4. I don’t play anything. I’m a listener. Listeners and readers––whatever it is, whether it’s music or writing or art, in general, the artist is offering the ability to make a little bit of sense out of the world. I don’t quite know how people who don’t pay any attention to art in any form get through a day, hardly, much less have any sense of redemption.
  5. I was creating this historical, fictional world, and I wanted the language of the book to create a sense of otherness, of another world, one that the reader doesn’t entirely know.

Frazier is an American historical novelist. He won the 1997 National Book Award for Fiction for Cold Mountain.

Source for Image: Goodreads

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