Literary Birthday - 24 December - Belinda Bauer

Happy Birthday, Belinda Bauer, born 24 December 1962

Five Quotes
  1. Write until you know it’s the best it could possibly be, then give it to someone who doesn’t love you, to read. Then rewrite.
  2. 'Crime' is a loose word in a tight niche. Crime is really the story of how lives are changed by the misdeeds of others. From the pensioner who loses her savings in a stock-market crash, to the refugee, to the mugging victim. Life is a river and crime is the rocks. It's only when we hit a rock that we find out whether we are one of life's swimmers - or one of life's sinkers. It's that struggle for survival and recovery that interests me - the rock itself is almost incidental.
  3. Disconnect the internet and lock the fridge before sitting down to work.
  4. Death was an inverse Big Bang; an impossible magic trick where everything had become nothing in the very same instant, where one state had been replaced so completely by another that no evidence of the first could be detected, and where the catalyst had been vaporised by the sheer shock of the new.
  5. I remember very vividly what it was like to be a child, and always love writing from that perspective.

Bauer is a British writer of crime novels who grew up in England and South Africa. Her debut novel Blacklands earned her the British Crime Writers' Association's Gold Dagger award for the best crime novel of 2010.


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