Literary Birthday - 4 October - Anne Rice

Happy Birthday, Anne Rice, born 4 October 1941

Anne Rice: On Writing

  1. My advice is the same to all. If you want to be a writer, write. Write and write and write. If you stop, start again. 
  2. Save everything that you write. 
  3. If you feel blocked, write through it until you feel your creative juices flowing again. Write. Writing is what makes a writer, nothing more and nothing less.
  4. Ignore critics. Critics are a dime a dozen. Anybody can be a critic. Writers are priceless. 
  5. Go where the pleasure is in your writing. Go where the pain is. Write the book you would like to read. Write the book you have been trying to find but have not found. But write.
  6. And remember, there are no rules for our profession. Ignore rules. Ignore what I say here if it doesn’t help you. Do it your own way. 
  7. Every writer knows fear and discouragement. Just write. The world is crying for new writing. It is crying for fresh and original voices and new characters and new stories. If you won’t write the classics of tomorrow, well, we will not have any. 
  8. Good luck.

Anne Rice writes metaphysical Gothic fiction, Christian literature, and erotica. She is best known for her popular novels, The Vampire Chronicles, revolving around the central character of Lestat. Two film adaptations of the series were made -  Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles in 1994 and Queen of the Damned in 2002. 

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