Literary Birthday - 28 October - Anne Perry

Anne Perry was born 28 October 1938 in London. She is an English author of historical detective fiction.

Perry, born Juliet Hulme, was convicted of the murder of her friend’s mother in New Zealand in 1954. Kate Winslet played her in Heavenly Creatures.

Anne Perry has won the Agatha Award for Best Novel, Edgar Award for Best Short Story, and Agatha Award for Best Short Story

Anne Perry: You start at the end, and then go back and write and go that way. Not everyone does, but I do. Some people just sit down at the page and start off. I start from what happened, including the why. 

Exerpts from Anne Perry’s Books

  1. “Well, it’s not very difficult to hit someone on the head, if they trust you and are not expecting anything of the sort.” - The Hyde Park Headsman
  2. “Actually to kill someone, you have to care desperately over something, whether it is hate, fear, greed or because they stand in the way between you and something you hunger for.” - Resurrection Row
  3. “[Murder is] a double tragedy - not only for the victim and those who cared for her, but for the murderer also, and whoever loved or needed or pitied the tormented soul … [For] society was cruel; it seldom forgave, and it never, ever forgot.” - Rutland Place

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