Literary Birthday - 28 September - Simon Winchester

Happy Birthday, Simon Winchester, born 28 September 1944

Five Simon Winchester Quotes On Writing

  1. The best spur for me is a commission and a deadline.
  2. Any grand new dictionary ought itself to be a democratic product, a book that demonstrated the primacy of individual freedoms, of the notion that one could use words freely, as one liked, without hard and fast rules of lexical conduct.
  3. As a writer, you are going to confronted with a bewildering world of fascinations—so never become jaded or world-weary, and always think of your calling as a privilege. You’ll never get rich: but you’ll have a fulfilled and valuable life, doing something that is eminently worthwhile.
  4. This may sound silly, but I attach a little counter to the corner of my computer so I know I have to produce, say, 100,000 words by December. If I’m ahead one day, I take a break; if I’m behind, I keep working.
  5. The best way of telling a story is telling it out loud.

Winchester is a British-American author and journalist who lives mostly in the United States. Through his career at The Guardian, Winchester covered numerous significant events including Bloody Sunday and the Watergate Scandal

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