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It's Room 101 in Orwell's 1984. For Winston Smith it was rats. "They" knew! A starving rat let loose in a mask fixed round my head would do it but then it would for anyone. I think for me it's snakes. A rat is a rat is a starving rat. A snake doesn't have a label so I don't know if I should cuddle it or it might "cuddle" me. The scene is the island of Bella Donna. where my antagonist has gone on holiday. On the third day he realises that the island is a dead ringer for San Monique which is the name featured in the Bond film "Live and Let Die". As a consequence he "sees" a snake round every corner and imagines a Hiss of snakes under his bed, in his bed, on his bed. Sssss... Talk about Sleepless in Seattle. That's just a walk in the park.
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